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Who to friend?

A friend of mine mentioned something on her facebook page, and it got me to thinking – should you “friend” people that you don’t really know? Her dilemma was this: people she knew back in high school were adding her as “friends”, yet she never heard word one from them afterward. They were obviously just wanting to pad their “friend” base, but at what cost? I’ve been very lucky in that regard. Several people I went to high school with (almost 28 years ago!) have found me online and reached out to say hi. Considering the school we went to was a tiny rural high school in west Texas (less than fifty in our graduating class), I had honestly never thought I’d see or hear from anyone there again, c

Duvet is French for…

pain in the ass, at least in my very humble and pissed off opinion. Okay, so I know that if you pay $25 for something at IKEA, it’s more than likely not top-of-the-heap quality. I understand that you get what you pay for. But, to have a minuscule slit across one end that makes it near impossible to stuff a down comforter through the blasted thing is just evil. Not to mention that their idea of king-sized and mine differ immeasurably. Are beds in Scandinavia that much smaller? Because if two people are trying to share a bed with an alleged king-sized duvet, one of them is gonna freeze their ass off. *sigh* And who’s sick idea was it to design a slipcover for a comforter? Hmm? What genius mark

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