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Duvet is French for…

pain in the ass, at least in my very humble and pissed off opinion.

Okay, so I know that if you pay $25 for something at IKEA, it’s more than likely not top-of-the-heap quality. I understand that you get what you pay for. But, to have a minuscule slit across one end that makes it near impossible to stuff a down comforter through the blasted thing is just evil. Not to mention that their idea of king-sized and mine differ immeasurably. Are beds in Scandinavia that much smaller? Because if two people are trying to share a bed with an alleged king-sized duvet, one of them is gonna freeze their ass off.


And who’s sick idea was it to design a slipcover for a comforter? Hmm? What genius marketed *this* idea? “Yeah, I’ve got a great way to make even more money than ever – we sew two sheets together, leave a tiny slit, and tell people they have to buy an additional down comforter to stuff inside. We’ll make a fortune!”

Sadist bastards.

So, we’re gonna turn over the duvet to the dogs – literally. I think it’ll make a fine dog bed cover – or maybe even a slipcover for the recliner. Anything but what we bought the blasted thing for.  Maybe our Rat Terrier can figure it out.


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