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Diving Into the Turn

Diving Into the Turn

Romance at the rodeo! Can kindness from a barrel racer break the ice around an aging bull rider's heart?


Bull riding is all that Shelby Fisher has ever known. She's lived her entire life on the small rodeo circuit, winning barely enough to eke out a living. She travels the backroads of Texas in her worn-out truck and ancient travel trailer, searching for a human connection through short affairs with women on the circuit.

Rebecca Starrett has wanted to be a barrel racer most of her life, learning the craft through local playdays. Her hometown's annual fair and rodeo is her big chance to show her close-knit family and her boyfriend that she's not wasting her time.

Sparks fly when Shelby literally runs into Rebecca at the rodeo grounds. Rebecca's kindness draws Shelby to her, while Rebecca is fascinated by the sullen bull rider. Their time together causes Rebecca to recognize certain truths about herself.

Against a backdrop of mysterious accidents at the rodeo, will Rebecca back away when Shelby is considered the prime suspect? Or will she stand strong and save the stubborn bull rider from mob justice?

Lesbian Fiction

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