The Somerville Series

Featuring Lex & Amanda


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Destiny's Bridge

Book 1 in The Somerville Series

featuring Lex & Amanda

Budding realtor Amanda Cauble is sent on a fool’s errand on a stormy afternoon. When her car is washed into a rising creek, it could be the last thing she does. 

Lexington (Lex) Walters has run the Rocking W Ranch for the last ten years, alone except for hired hands and her feisty housekeeper, Martha. She doesn’t have the time or inclination for dating, but when fate drops a beautiful woman into her path, how can she resist? 

With the bridge out of service and the weather against them, Lex and Amanda work together to take care of the ranch. When they stumble across a group of rustlers also stranded by the weather, will the stress destroy their budding relationship?  

Settle back and enjoy the first book in the Somerville series, featuring Lex, Amanda, and the Rocking W Ranch.


Faith's Crossing

Book 2 in the Somerville Series

featuring Lex & Amanda

In the sequel to Destiny's Bridge, rancher Lexington Walters and realtor Amanda Cauble have faced raging waters and cattle rustlers to be together. They want to build a life together, but one thing stands in their way - Amanda's parents.


When Amanda decides to move permanently to Texas, she travels to her family's Los Angeles home to pack her belongings. Her parents never seemed to care about her sexual orientation, but when Amanda brings Lex home with her, all bets are off. Her mother seems to believe the rancher is beneath her station, while her father will do whatever it takes to get rid of Lex. There's one thing Amanda is certain of - she's found the woman with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life - family be damned. But will their opposition ruin what Lex and Amanda have?

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Hope's Path

Book 3 in the Somerville Series

featuring Lex & Amanda

Rancher Lex Walters and realtor Amanda Cauble have settled into life together on the Rocking W Ranch. Unfortunately, someone is determined to break them apart - one way or another. After the ranch is vandalized and Lex is attacked, their future and that of the ranch has never been in more jeopardy.

While they try to find whoever is responsible, Lex and Amanda must also navigate through the stress of hosting their families on their first holiday together.

Will their love be strong enough to keep them together after they find out who's responsible for their recent troubles?

Love's Journey

Book 4 in the Lex & Amanda series

Although Amanda Cauble has forgiven her father, she still must come to terms with the actions of her mother, Elizabeth, who is in hiding after Amanda nearly died from the poisoning meant for her lover.

Lexington Walters is fighting her own battles, as her father returns from the rodeo circuit with a secret that nearly destroys Lex. His revelation is almost more than she can bear, and she acts out in anger and mistrust.

When Elizabeth Cauble returns, she's hell-bent on taking Amanda away from Lex, no matter the cost. Her one-track mind will set in motion a wave of destruction that could cost Lex her lover...and her life.

Strength of the Heart

Book 5 in the Lex & Amanda series


Bells are ringing!

Planning their wedding is keeping Lex Walters and Amanda Cauble busy, as is fending off the good-natured help from those around them. When Lex suffers a tremendous loss, her feelings of guilt and anger throw her into a downward spiral. It takes everything Amanda has to help Lex through it and keep her whole.

A wrongful arrest, a brushfire, and more family drama add to their stress. Will they make it down the aisle?

The Way Things Should Be

Book 6 in the Lex & Amanda series

Amanda Walters begins to feel her biological clock ticking while her sister, Jeannie, prepares for the birth of her first child. Amanda's elation for her sister is offset by the consuming need to have a child of her own, but she fears that her partner, Lex, doesn't want children.

Lex is trying to keep her hands on newly acquired land, as well as come to grips with the arrival of a woman who claims to be a long-lost relative. 

The tragic loss of someone dear to them all dampens the joy of Jeannie's baby, bringing pain - and hope, to them all. 

Out of Print - will reissue new author's edit!

To Hold Forever

Book 7 in the Lex & Amanda series


Three years have passed since Lex Walters and her partner, Amanda, have taken over the care of Lorrie, their rambunctious niece. Amanda’s sister, Jeannie, has fully recovered from her debilitating stroke and returns with her fiancé, ready to start a family. Adding to the volatile situation are Amanda’s unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant, and the fear of losing the child they've raised as their own.


Meanwhile, someone from Rawson Walters' past arrives, claiming his right to the ranch. Cleve Winters resents everything about Lex, including Amanda's love. Lex’s brother, Hubert, recently paroled from prison, returns to Somerville with his own special surprise. And an old adversary returns with more than a simple reunion in mind. Through it all, Lex begins to have doubts about continuing to run the ranch she’s worked so hard to build.

Out of Print - will reissue new author's edit!

Trust Our Tomorrows

Book 8 in the Lex & Amanda series


Set six years after To Hold Forever, life at the Rocking W Ranch is constantly changing. Lex and Amanda are back, struggling through a drought and trying to raise their two daughters as best they can.


Lorrie is now ten, and gets into as much trouble as Lex ever did, while six-year-old Melanie is content to follow along.


When someone from the past returns and asks for an unusual favor, will Lex and Amanda agree? And, considering the request, can they refuse?

Out of Print - will reissue new author's edit!

Beyond Always

Book 9 in the Lex & Amanda series


Set a year after the events in Trust Our Tomorrows, everything is going well for the Walters family. The ranch is prosperous, the children are growing, and Lex and Amanda have never been happier. When an unimaginable tragedy strikes the family, everyone handles it differently. Will it pull them closer together, or forever tear them apart?

Out of Print - will reissue new author's edit!

Stand Alone Novels

Something to be Thankful For


Randi Meyers is at a crossroads in her life. When a distant uncle dies, she returns to her hometown of Woodbridge, Texas, to attend the funeral. During the graveside services, she is beseeched by a young boy to follow him into the woods to help his injured, older sister. He disappears once they come upon an unconscious woman. Randi takes her to the hospital and learns her name - Kay Newcombe.


Randi is intrigued by Kay, but is filled with questions. Where did her brother go, and why does Randi feel compelled to help Kay? Despite geographical distances, they form a friendship, but will it lead to more?

Out of Print - will reissue new author's edit!

Diving into the Turn


Riding bulls in the rodeo is the only life Shelby Fisher has ever known, until the day she meets Rebecca Starrett, who comes from a solid, middle-class background. She's had the money and support that Shelby never had.


After taking an instant dislike to each other, a chain of mysterious accidents draws them together. Is Rebecca's attraction to Shelby enough to help her stand by the silent and angry bull rider?

Out of Print - will reissue new author's edit!



Sam Hendrickson has been traveling around the Southwest for ten years, never staying in one place long enough to call it home. Doing odd jobs to pay for her food and gas, she thinks her life is fine, until fate intervenes.


On her way to Dallas to find work for the upcoming winter, her car breaks down in the small town of Piperton. Sam’s never concerned herself over what other people think, but the small minds of a West Texas town may be more than she bargained for – especially when she meet Janie Clarke. Janie’s always done what’s expected of her. But when she becomes acquainted with Sam, she’s finally got a reason to rebel.

Out of Print - will reissue new author's edit!

Heart's Resolve


Gibson Proctor, a Park Police Officer for the Texas Department of Parks & Wildlife, has returned after twenty years to the rural area she once called home. She’s able to easily adapt to the slower pace of the farming communities that surround the town of Benton, Texas. She tries her best to handle the expectations of her family and friends, who never understood why she left in the first place. Gib’s comfortable existence is set into a tailspin when she unwittingly offends Delaney Kavanagh, the fiery-tempered architect who’s in charge of repairing the spillway at Lake Benton.


Although Delaney is currently in a relationship, she can’t seem to get the amiable officer out of her mind. 

Out of Print - will reissue new author's edit!

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