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I'm Baaaaack!

Yep. I'm going back to blogging, as social media on its own is a pain in the ass. Also, I'm gonna try and be more upbeat. I guess I should start by not calling something a pain in the ass, right? LOL

I've been working my butt off trying to get all my older books updated and reissued under my own banner. Of the nine books featuring Lex & Amanda, I'm about to publish book eight, Trust Our Tomorrows. I've finished the final read-through after my editor worked it over, and all that's left is to format and go. I'm still shooting for a September 20th release, and I think I can actually make it.

In other news, I've pretty much become the butler to two Chihuahuas and a Rat Terrier. Feed us! Let us out! Let us in! Feed us some more! Give us treats! Play with us! (the last one is mostly Penny, who has decided that if we're upright, we should be tossing her tennis ball across the room for her).

Seriously, look at that face. Could YOU tell her no? I sure as hell can't. We thought for sure she wasn't going to be with us for long - her heart issues were out of control, even sending her to the critter E/R for a weekend. Thankfully, we have a fantastic vet now. She's on good food and medications, and now the little bugger wants to play ball all day. I don't care. I'll play ball.

Anyway, I'm going to do my best to keep my blog updated weekly (?) at the very least. I'm hoping to have book news, personal news (if you care) and maybe a giveaway or two. Thanks for listening, and keep on reading!


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