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To Hold Forever


Two and a half years have passed since Lex, and Amanda Walters agreed to take care of Jeannie’s baby while she recuperated from her stroke. Just as they’ve gotten comfortable in their life, the happy couple is thrown for a loop when Jeannie returns, bearing some unsettling news and ideas of her own.

While they struggle with the shock of Jeannie’s disclosure, a stranger claiming to be Lex’s half-brother lands on Lex and Amanda’s doorstep. Cleve Winters is resentful of Lex’s life and is determined to take what he thinks he deserves – including Amanda. 

To make matters worse, Lex’s brother, Hubert, returns to Somerville after he’s released from prison. He has his own plans. As everything comes to a head, Amanda shares with Lex the biggest surprise of all. With a lien placed against the Rocking W, will Lex be able to keep control of the ranch? More importantly, will she want to?

Available in print and ebook
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