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I’m too damned lazy to keep up more than one place, so my blog is now on my website. Now if I can just keep *that* up to date. http://www.CarrieCarr.com


Stop. Just...stop. Within hours of the massacre of innocent people in a Orlando gay nightclub, righ-wingers started with their meaningless platitudes. They posted their "prayers" for those killed. These are the same people who want to deny basic human rights to the GLBT community. But it wasn't long afterward that their real message started. "Guns don't kill, people kill." And, "We must go after the terrorists overseas". They ignored the words of the maniac's own family - who insisted it was hatred for gays that caused him to shoot up a place that was packed with them. But that won't scare people into blindly following their message, will it? It won't terrify people into allowing these polit

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