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Just keep working, working, working...

Hard to believe November is almost over, and I'm still plugging away on the edits of Destiny's Bridge. I keep getting sidetracked (most of you that know me probably aren't very surprised) and going off on different paths. On the bright side, I've written a bit more on the new Lex and Amanda story - just not enough in one spot to share, yet. As someone who usually writes linearly, this is a new direction for me. I'm just hoping the direction doesn't include going backwards.

So, as of now, there are only three of my books still available via Regal Crest Enterprises: Heart's Resolve, and the last two of Lex & Amanda's, Trust Our Tomorrows and Beyond Always. I'm hoping, as an independent author, I can get new people interested in these stories. Can't hurt to try, right?

Keep an eye on this space. Hopefully I'll get better about updating LOL

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