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Kitchen Calamities

Maybe I should be the star of a new reality series – because the last week in the kitchen has definitely been nerve-wracking! As anyone who follows me on Facebook knows, I enjoy baking as a way of relieving stress. Never did I think that it would be the *cause* of major stress – LOL!

It started out innocently enough – I wanted to make some homemade bread to send to my mother-in-law. We already send her a batch of cookies every month, so when Jan suggested sending her some honey-wheat bread, I thought it was a wonderful idea.

I’ve made this bread several times, and each time it comes out great. I put the ingredients in the bread machine (have to cheat on the kneading – my arthritic hands won’t let me do it any other way),  and in no time had a beautiful batch of dough to work with. Got it all ready for the oven, then FORGOT to set the damned timer.  Yep. Two exceptionally burned loaves.

No worries – I’ll just make up another batch, right?


By the way, I should have stopped while I was behind – I also was attempting to get the laundry done. And proceeded to forget to turn the dryer on. Yep. Should have taken the hint and gone back to bed.

But no, I’m stubborn.

Got the dryer going, and another batch of dough in the bread machine. An hour and a half later, the bread machine dings – yay! Gonna get that stuff cranked out in no time!

BUZZZZ! Wrong answer!

Opened up the bread machine, and noticed the dough almost about to explode. Not good. I stuck my hands into the mess and tried to get the dough out of the container.

**Note to self** Next time you decide to play with bread dough, wear rubber GLOVES!! It took half an hour to get all the goop off my hands and clothes.

Okay, so *that* round didn’t go as planned. I’ll try it one more time, measuring *very* carefully, and proceeding with the utmost caution. After all, I’ve done this same recipe many times, and *never* had a problem before.

Third time’s the charm, right?

Uh-huh. Not even freakin’ close.

The last try, I got sidetracked and left the dough in the bread machine about 10 minutes longer than I should have. Did you know that it will OOZE like a volcano?

The good news: my bread machine has *never* been cleaner. The bad news? I still have to bake bread…even if it kills me.

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