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March 12, 2024

Lots of news to share! First, the audiobook of Hope's Path is now available on Audible! My narrator, April Lee, is hard at work on book 4, Love's Journey. We plan on getting all of the Somerville Series out on audio, so hang in there!

And now for the BIGGEST news! I've finished the newest installment in the Somerville Series featuring Lex & Amanda. It's titled Once More. It will be available April 1st.


Here's the blurb:

What would you do to save the person you love?

Eighteen years after Lex first rescued Amanda from flooded waters that washed her car into the creek, the couple continue to face the challenges of running the Rocking W ranch, contributing to their community, and, most challenging of all, raising their children.

While Lex trains a bumbling new hire, Amanda discovers outside interests that are ready to decimate their hometown. The poisoning of their cattle brings an old foe bent on revenge, and a peaceful day turns into a fight for survival. Compared to that, parenthood, and their daughter Lorrie’s first teenage crush should be a breeze…right?

Hard Lessons ebook.png

Now Available

Coming February 1st!

As some of you might remember, my wife, Jan, wrote an incredible book over ten years ago. Unfortunately, the editor assigned to it by the publisher tore it to pieces and ruined it. Jan got her rights back, but the book has been languishing in a folder ever since. 

Recently, she allowed me to look over her original text - it was an amazing book (I'm not biased, really!) and deserved a chance. We've edited the book, preserving the text the way it should have been in the first place. Here's the blurb:

June Cunningham was four years old when her parents were brutally murdered. Now, as a brilliant young engineering student, she falls in love with the killer's next intended victim. Irene Hawkins is the estranged wife of a self-absorbed financial executive whose greed knows no bounds. June has learned to live without family, and Irene has learned to deny her feelings. When they come together, everyone learns more than they ever expected.

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