October 22, 2019

Done! I've handed Faith's Crossing off to the beta readers - whew! I think I have all my scenes back in the right order LOL - hoping for a release date soon.

October 18, 2019

The fun thing about editing is being able to add new scenes. The not-so-fun thing? Putting a new scene in, and realizing that it belongs in a different spot - and having to come up with a new, new scene to replace it. But I'm really enjoying playing with Lex & Amanda again, and I'm hoping to get Faith's Crossing to my betas soon. Thanks for joining me on my new path - I can't wait to see what happens next!


Also, for those who are curious - I do plan on getting them all on audiobooks as well - it's a learning curve, and I'm working hard on it. Thanks! 

Copy of DB ebook cover.jpg

September 27, 2019

Great news! I've finished my first run-through of Faith's Crossing, Book 2 in the Somerville Series. Now the fun begins! I'll write a few extra scenes then send it on to my beta readers. Check out the cover! 


In the sequel to Destiny's Bridge, rancher Lexington Walters and realtor Amanda Cauble have faced raging waters and cattle rustlers to be together. They want to build a life together, but one thing stands in their way - Amanda's parents.


When Amanda decides to move permanently to Texas, she travels to her family's Los Angeles home to pack her belongings. Her parents never seemed to care about her sexual orientation, but when Amanda brings Lex home with her, all bets are off. Her mother seems to believe the rancher is beneath her station, while her father will do whatever it takes to get rid of Lex. There's one thing Amanda is certain of - she's found the woman with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life - family be damned. But will their opposition ruin what Lex and Amanda have?

September 11, 2019

Yes! It's LIVE! If you're a Kindle Unlimited reader, it's free - if not, it's at a very affordable $2.99. I'm hoping the lower cost will let more people get a chance to read about Lex & Amanda, and the rest of the gang. 

I've been asked why I'm reissuing my books, so here's the answer: I became a published author TWENTY years ago (OMG I feel soooo old!). Since then, the cost of ebooks has been made more affordable by Amazon via their Kindle Unlimited and self-publishing. I'm not looking to get rich (LOL), but I'm hoping I can make my books more accessible to people who haven't had a chance to read them. That's why the regular price is set at $2.99. I'm super psyched about it.

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