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May 1, 2022

I'm slowly trying to get things moving again - so please bear with me. Lots of real-life stuff sidelined me, but I'm hoping to getting back to writing and editing.

What's next? Hell of a good question!

I'm mapping out another Somerville book. Amanda told me I needed to, because Lorrie has become a teenager, and Amanda doesn't want to suffer alone. :)


Also, I'm totally rewriting an old novel, previously titled Something to be Thankful For. I've learned quite a bit since writing it, so I think it deserves some fresh love. AND, I'm working with a brilliant graphic artist to revise my book covers to reflect that they're sapphic fiction/romance. Keep your eyes open!

AND (again) coming soon, a mailing list to keep up with my ramblings/work. It'll go out once a month, and hopefully give you some insight into my insanity. Thanks again for your patience, and for reading!

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