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As I mentioned a few months ago, I’ve been stuck in a HUGE pit of CWS (can’t write shit) for longer than I care to admit. This is the worst block I’ve had since my dad passed away in 2004 – only I have no excuses this time.

I started out with a good Lex & Amanda story – or at least what I thought was one. I’ve tried several times to work on the newest chapter, only to hit a brick wall. I’ve reworked, deleted (well, not *really* deleted – there’s no such thing with me – let’s just call it  “cut and paste”), changed POV a half-dozen times, and even considered scrapping the whole damned thing.


Then, when I do finally get some story “ideas”, they have nothing to do with Lex & Amanda. Ugh!

I suppose this is what I get for posting my unfinished work online. Now, I feel obligated to finish the story – no matter what. (The bruises on my forehead from hitting the desk repeatedly won’t be mentioned…oops. Umm, nevermind.) As a reader myself, I hate starting something that’s not finished – so  not being able to complete something I’ve worked on feverishly for months really burns my biscuits (At least I can still channel Martha <g>).

On the other hand, I know from previous experience that forcing a story forward and slapping on an ending doesn’t necessarily make it a good story – but what is fair to those folks who have read what’s been written so far? Should I slap something together, or remove the story all together until something happens? I’d love some other opinions on it – my schizophrenic mind would love to know.


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